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Find Mushroom Blocks for Sale Here so You Can Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Mushroom blocks for sale! We have a variety of delicious, gourmet mushroom strains that you can be growing at home, indoors or out

Here at Fungi Ally, we provide an entire line of mushroom blocks for sale. Our mushroom blocks come ready-to-fruit, so you can begin growing your own gourmet mushrooms at home as soon as your blocks arrive.  Below we share all the pertinent information on our blocks, including the strains we currently have available and how to use our blocks. If you want to buy your mushroom blocks now, head over to this section of our online.  Are you interested in bulk? We can offer wholesale rates if you are interested in a minimum purchase of 20 blocks of the same mushroom species. 

Bulk orders require notice and prep. Contact our sales team directly to discuss and place your order: 978-844-1811

Mushroom blocks for sale: The strains available to you now

You can now try a variety of gourmet mushrooms that are often hard to find in grocery stores. We mushroom blocks we have available include:
  • Blue Oyster Mushroom
  • Pink Oyster Mushroom
  • Yellow Oyster Mushroom
  • King Trumpet Mushroom (aka King Oyster Mushroom)
  • White Oyster Mushroom
  • Black Oyster Mushroom
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Chestnut Mushroom
  • Shiitake Mushroom
  • Pioppino Mushroom
  • Reishi Mushroom

Make your selections in our online store now.

Understand the benefits of using our ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks

Every strain of ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks we carry contains high-quality spawn. The mushroom blocks we’ve created have been used in commercial sales and are responsible for producing thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms monthly. Using our blocks means you are using professional-grade products. We have put time and effort into testing which strains and substrates work best for growing delicious mushrooms, and our professional-grade kits are the result of this research and development. Our strain inventory continues to grow. You can test out new and different strains before deciding on running larger grows of them with the help of our ready-to-fruit blocks.

For instance, if a mushroom farmer wants to add yellow oyster or king trumpet to their cultivation room, they can experiment with these mushrooms with a few of our blocks in a small setting before increasing the size of the grow. There is no waiting period needed with our ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks. You can begin the mushroom fruiting process immediately after the block arrives. Or, if it isn’t the ideal time, you can save it for later by placing it in a refrigerated area until you’re ready. However, the blocks will begin fruiting on their own somewhere between 10-14 days from being placed in the refrigerated area, so please keep that in mind.

Using our mushroom blocks for sale

You can begin using your mushroom block as soon as you receive it in the mail. There’s a brief breakdown of steps for using your mushroom blocks. 

Step 1: Place your mushroom blocks in a well-lit room, but make sure it is not receiving direct sunlight. The most important factor is to keep the air around the block moist, so ensure you are in a space that is appropriate for doing so. As a few recommendations, you can place the grow kits in a plastic tub with the top open or just leave them on your kitchen countertop. 

Step 2: Cut holes in the plastic so the mushrooms have an area to fruit out of. For oysters or lion’s mane, we recommend cutting X-shaped of V-shaped holes. For shiitake blocks, we recommend taking the entire bag off and soaking it for 4 hours. Shiitakes are able to stay moist and humid enough without the bag covering them. The mushrooms will grow out of the holes you cut towards the high oxygen environment. 

Step 3: Mist your mushroom blocks at least 2 times a day to keep the air around them moist. A spray bottle works great to do this. After 3 or 4 days you will start to see mushroom pins starting to develop on the surface of the block. Once the pinning starts it is very important to keep the humidity high by continuing to mist daily. 

Step 4: After about 10 days the mushrooms will be ready to harvest. Harvest the mushrooms cut gently pulling near the base of the mushroom’s stem to separate it from the block. You can also use a knife to cut it free from the block.

Step 5: Allow the block to rest after your first harvest. Do not mist it while the block is resting. The rest period should last for 2 weeks. 

Step 6: After the rest period, begin misting the block again. The lion’s mane and oyster blocks will begin to fruit for a second time. The shiitake blocks will need to be soaked for about 12 hours to initiate a second flush. Usually our gourmet mushroom grow kits will fruit 3-4 times before becoming spent. Once they are no longer producing, place them outside in your compost or garden to create rich beautiful soil.  You can expect up to two pounds of gourmet mushrooms to fruit off of our mushroom blocks. Our blocks can even be used outside during the warmer months if you don’t want to bring them inside. All they need is some shade and a little bit of misting with a garden hose each day.  Mushroom blocks for Sale! Visit our online store now to select your mushroom blocks!



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