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Mushroom Log Kit: 3 Reasons to Buy a Sawdust Grow Kit Instead

What’s easier than a mushroom log kit? Our sawdust grow kits are because they utilize a substrate that colonizes quicker and will lead you to a larger yield of delicious gourmet mushrooms

Mushrooms are quickly gaining in popularity as more information has become mainstream about the healthful benefits of mushrooms.

Of course, the fungal kingdom provides many benefits to humankind beyond food, including building materials, clothing materials, medicines, and a natural combatant against environmental pollutants like oil spills.

Due to this newfound fame, mushroom log kits have become popular all across the internet. A mushroom log kit allows you to grow mushrooms at your own home with minimal preparation.

However, based off what we’ve seen on the market, a mushroom log kit is not your best option for growing mushrooms from the comfort of your own home. Instead we recommend that you use a mushroom grow kit that utilizes a sawdust substrate instead of the log as a substrate. We offer this recommendation for a few main reasons which we cite below. Ultimately, if you want to grow your own mushrooms with an easy-to-use kit from the comfort of your own home, then it’s best that you choose the quickest and easiest method for doing so, and that is with a sawdust mushroom grow kit, and not a mushroom log.

3 main reasons to avoid the mushroom log kit and to use a sawdust grow kit from Fungi Ally instead

Reason #1: A mushroom log kit takes a long time. This is the case because they take longer to fruit delicious mushrooms because it takes longer for the mycelium to fully colonize the log, leading to the flush of mushrooms. The sawdust we use in our grow kits have such tiny particles that the inoculant can easily travel through them. This allows for the mycelium to grow quicker and more easily. The quicker the mycelium growth, the quicker your edible mushrooms will be ready to harvest.

Reason #2: A mushroom log kit will dry out if not kept properly. Most kits will be harder to care for because the log needs more maintenance than a bag of sawdust spawn. Once again, due to the size of the substrate it’s easier for the sawdust grow kit to maintain the level of moisture it needs to grow and fruit accordingly.

Reason #3: It’s hard to tell if there is sufficient mycelium in mushroom logs from the start. As a closed container it is hard to see where the mycelium is in a mushroom log kit and how much there is of the mycelium. In a sawdust spawn bag however it is easier to see the colonization of the substrate every step along the process. The proof of significant mycelium mass is present in all of our mushroom grow kits.

If you’d prefer to grow mushrooms at home with a kit and want to do it easily, efficiently, and with the highest possible yield, then order a mushroom grow kit from us today.

The strains that we offer in our mushroom grow kits include:
  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Chestnut mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Yellow oyster mushroom
  • King oyster mushroom
  • Black oyster mushroom

You can also check out this video of ours to see exactly how to use our mushroom growing kits. Remember, they are easier to use than the mushroom log kits that exist on the market because you can see the mycelial growth throughout the clear plastic bag; You can keep the sawdust block of mycelium moist more easily, opposed to the logs that can dry out quickly; You are also getting a product that is used professionally to produce pounds of mushrooms. In fact, we used these mushroom blocks to thousands of fresh mushrooms each month.

Size is an important aspect to the best mushroom grow kit

If you’re going to take the time to grow mushrooms at home, then you will want to actually grow mushrooms. You’ll want big, beautiful mushroom and lots of them, right? Our grow kits are the same as we use in our commercial production. We have grown about 300-500 pounds of mushrooms each week, and we are using the same exact grow kits for our mushrooms as the ones you get when you buy a mushroom growing kit from us.

We know the best strains to grow with for maximum yields

One piece of the puzzle to growing high-quality mushrooms is starting with a strong mushroom strain that will produce big yields and will aggressively colonize the substrate. Both elements are important in growing. Big yields means your time, effort, and investment are worth it, and aggressive colonizers allows for the big yields and also helps to keep any other fungi out. We have spent years studying strains to find the best to use (we did this particularly with oyster mushrooms). So when you buy mushroom kits from us, you are getting mushroom strains that have been proven successful in high-yield production of delicious mushrooms. But you don’t have to only take our word on it; try your own grow kit today! P.S. our kits are cheaper than most mushroom log options because our bags of inoculated substrate is lighter than logs, so beyond the price, the shipping is lower.
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