A Mushroom Starter Kit to Help You Grow Mushrooms Easily

A Mushroom Starter Kit to Help You Grow Mushrooms Easily

We have a variety of mushroom starter kit options for you, including the popular oyster mushroom starter kit, shiitake, lion’s mane, chestnut, and more

A mushroom starter kit will help you produce your own edible mushrooms and allow you to do so in a multitude of locations, including the comfort of your own home.

Mushroom starter kits are perfect for the total beginner, but can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their experience level with growing mushrooms. These kits make a great gift for anyone interested in farming, gardening, or eating local food. Think about it; how much more local can you get than growing your own food at home? With one of these kits you can get an introduction to mushroom growing at a low cost. It allows you to gauge your interest in the process and will help you decide if you want to continue growing mushrooms or not. 

For those of you who are already experienced in mushroom growing, a kit like these will help you experiment with different mushrooms and strains. For instance, if you have grown oysters indoors and have a strong grasp on the process but now you want to include another delicious edible like lion’s mane, you can try it out before committing too heavily.

Below we provide further information on the kits and highlight a few of our audience’s favorite options.

Components of a mushroom starter kit

Our starter kits, which we also call mushroom growing kits, arrive in the mail and are ready to use at your leisure. You can begin the process of growing mushrooms from the kit, which is a block of sawdust that has been inoculated with a strain of mycelium. Once you have received your kit, you can start the mushroom grow by cutting holes into the plastic packaging that the kit is in. Or, you can keep the kit in a cool environment, around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, if you plan on waiting to use it.

Examples of our mushroom starter kits

We have tested mushroom strains and growing mediums for years to determine the best combinations of each to produce big yields of tasty mushrooms. This research has played an integral role in the kits we have developed.

Here’s a rundown of some popular kits we provide for oyster, shiitake, and lion’s mane mushrooms.

Oyster mushroom starter kit: We offer three beautiful oyster mushroom growing kits: blue oyster, yellow oyster, and pink oyster. If you have never seen these beauties up close, then I highly recommend giving one of these kits a try. The pink oyster prefers a little higher temperatures and will die if it is exposed to prolonged temperatures of 40 degree Fahrenheit or lower once the kit is started.

All of our oyster mushroom kits will produce one and a half to two pounds of fresh mushrooms throughout the duration of the kits indoor use, which is typically around three months. After three months the kit will start to break apart. At this point you can transfer it outdoors to your garden or compost pile. The kit will continue to fruit sparingly at this time, leaving you with more delicious mushrooms. Check out all of the oyster mushroom kit options and buy yours today.

Shiitake mushroom growing kit: Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most popular mushrooms in the world and with good reason. These mushrooms have a delicious savory flavor that is featured in many dishes, particularly in Asian countries. This kit will also allow you to produce multiple pounds of fresh mushrooms. Get your shiitake kit now.

Lion’s mane mushroom growing kit: This is one of the more unique-looking mushrooms available to grow from a kit. Lion’s mane grow in clumps and feature little spines or teeth that cascade down to the body of the mushroom when it is ready to harvest. The texture can be hardy once cooked and the flavor has a seafood quality to it. This kit in particular is the most popular among our audience, which is probably due to intrigue associated with this unique mushroom. It is also one that can be hard to find growing naturally in the wild, which is many many would-be lion’s mane foragers choose to grow it. Order your lion’s mane kit now.

Going from starter kits to more-advanced growing methods

Have you already grown your own mushrooms at home with a mushroom kit? If so, and you plan on moving on to bigger production methods, either indoors or out, then we have some options for you.

We have both sawdust spawn and grain spawn, which can be used for indoor or outdoor growing. The same goes for our plug spawn, which is used to inoculate logs that can be placed either inside or out, depending on the space you have available for your grow.

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