Discover a Mycelium Grow Kit to Produce Fresh Mushrooms at Home

Discover a Mycelium Grow Kit to Produce Fresh Mushrooms at Home

Utilize a mycelium grow kit to maximize the efficiency of growing mushrooms from your home, office, or on your farm, and you can do it at any scale

Why try a mycelium grow kit? There is a lot to discover and learn in the process of working with mycelium, and it will lead to some amazing mushroom harvests. Mycelium is a beneficial organism that acts as a carbon storage facility. In the wild the mycelium will reinvest the carbon into plants that are in its environment. It is also the place where the mushroom begins. Mushrooms form in the mycelial network.  Mycelium secretes enzymes into its surroundings, which are incredibly important in the evolution from mycelial mass to mushroom. These enzymes help the mycelium break down the food it’s growing in, including logs, trees, wood chips, leaves, or whatever substrate. The enzymes go outside the mycelial body and start to break down the substrate into basic compounds like carbon and nitrogen. Then those compounds are sucked into the mycelial body and are incorporated into the fungal organism. Furthermore, these enzymes can be very potent antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal compounds, Humans share a lot similar pathogens as fungi, so many original pharmaceuticals were derived from fungi because mycelium secretes these powerful enzymes with healthful properties that can help fight off harmful pathogens.

The relationship between mycelium and plants provides reasons as to why using a mycelium grow kit in your garden will be beneficial to the environment

Scientists believe 92% of all plants form a mycorrhizal relationship in the soil. It is thought that 40-60% of total photosynthates produced is actually given to the mycelium of the mycorrhizal fungi. This relationships grows even deeper. The mycorrhizal fungi do not simply grow in accordance with one individual but instead connect many individuals throughout the soil. Often one species of mycorrhizal will actually connect species of different plants as well. This type of mycelial network is essential to the health of ecosystems because the mycorrhizae aids in plant communication and even transfers nutrients amongst species.  It has been found that plants will give nutrients to weaker trees in the community which effectively helps the entire forest. It has been proven that nutrients being recycled from older trees do not always go to older-established trees but instead go to the saplings in the area to help them grow. Recent studies have even shown that the saplings chosen to receive energy from mycorrhizal tend to have more characteristics that make them more resilient against the effects of climate change. Mycorrhizal mycelium helps carry forward the energy legacy to the new generation . Mycelium is a great addition to a garden because it helps nutrients get distributed throughout the area. When you are growing an edible mushroom strain that mycelium will be even more beneficial because it will produce the delicious mushrooms. Yet another tasty edible to harvest from your garden! Realize that you can grow your own mushroom garden at home indoors when weather is not appropriate to do it outside. In fact, many professional mushroom farms all utilize indoor farming. It’s a lot easier to grow mushrooms indoors in a clean environment than having to deal with bugs and competing fungi outdoors, particularly on a commercial scale.  If you want to grow your own mushrooms at home, try one of our mushroom mycelium grow kits. You will be able to get pounds of mushrooms over the course of multiple flushes. Our kits come ready to fruit, so you will be able to have fresh mushrooms ready for harvest within two weeks of starting your kit. Check out all of our mycelium grow kit options now. 

Understand reasons for growing mushrooms from a mycelium grow kit

Growing mushrooms is a really fun and interesting thing to do. Mushrooms are an excellent source of protein, have very distinct flavors and textures, and help to connect us with the natural cycles of the earth. Mushrooms also help plants grow more efficiently as the transformation of dead plant material into rich soil and basic nutrients happens because of fungi. There is a symbiotic relationship between plants and mushrooms because mushrooms breathe in the oxygen emitted by plants and exhale CO2, which plants need in order to maintain proper growth.  There are so many different ways to grow mushrooms, ranging in difficulty and speed. One of the easiest and fastest is to use gourmet mushroom mycelium grow kit like the ones we offer in our online store. You can choose from a variety of delicious and unique strains, including:
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom
  • Yellow oyster mushroom 
  • Chestnut mushroom
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Reishi mushroom
  • King trumpet mushroom
Mushrooms come from a powerful, alive mycelial network, which is typically hidden from our eyes. Then, once the conditions are appropriate, the fruiting body of the mushroom will appear. You can watch this process unfold from the comfort of your own home with one of our mycelium grow kits. 
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