Sawdust Mushroom Spawn: 3 Big Reasons to Use Our Spawn

Sawdust Mushroom Spawn: 3 Big Reasons to Use Our Spawn

Sawdust mushroom spawn is a great way to grow your own mushrooms outdoors on logs, totems, or woodchips, and we have a great variety of options for you

Sawdust mushroom spawn is a great medium for growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms outdoors at your home, garden, or farm. We provide sawdust spawn to mushroom growers of all sizes, from hobbyists to commercial operations. Our offerings range from a single bag of sawdust spawn ($20 each) to 30 bag bulk orders ($12 per bag), with 5-bag and 10-bag options in the middle of the spectrum. There are three major benefits to buying our sawdust spawn over any others, and we discuss this below.

3 Big Reasons to Buy Our Sawdust Spawn

Reason #1: Our sawdust mushroom spawn is sterile

We produce all of our spawn in a sterile lab, which includes hot steam and a flow hood. Our spawn is always contaminant-free, allowing you to grow the best mushrooms.

Reason #2: Our sawdust mushroom spawn is fresh

People love to buy our spawn for growing their own mushrooms. This includes individuals and commercial operations. Due to this demand, we are constantly producing fresh mushroom spawn. We guarantee you’ll get the highest-quality spawn available on the market.

Reason #3: Our sawdust mushroom spawn is fast growing

We have researched and worked with a variety of mushroom strains throughout our time as professional mushroom farmers. This has allowed us to make informed, accurate decisions on the quality of strains to use. We have narrowed our spawn production down to certain strains that produce high yields of delicious gourmet mushrooms.

7 options for our mushroom spawn

  • Shiitake LE 46: This strain is a top pick by many mushroom farmers because it produces great yields with a fast spawn run. The shiitakes have a dark brown cap and ornamentation on the cap’s edges.
  • Shiitake LE 3782: This strain yields an abundance of small shiitakes with light brown caps.
  • Blue Oyster 3015: This strain yields large fruiting bodies, fast spawn run, and a beautiful vibrant blue mushroom when young.
  • Yellow Oyster AM1: A tasty, buttery yellow oyster mushroom strain, best grown on straw, logs, and coffee grounds.
  • Pink Oyster: A fast-growing, large-yielding pink oyster mushroom that can be grown on straw, logs, coffee grounds and many other cellulose-rich materials.
  • Wine Cap Mammoth: This aggressive and social mushroom is one of the easiest mushrooms to grow. Wine caps grow on woodchip beds and can be transplanted throughout your yard once established.
  • Lion’s mane: Lion’s mane does very well on beech totems and supplemented sawdust.

Don’t forget our entire selection of mushroom spawn!

Yes, we have sawdust spawn for you. We also have spawn plugs and grain spawn available for growers interested in a variety of mediums. And for those who want to start small from the start, we offer mushroom grow kits. These mushroom grow kits are great gifts that can be used inside all year round. Start your foray into the wonderful world of fungi today!
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