Shiitake Mushroom Spawn Suppliers Can Help You with Delicious Yields

Shiitake Mushroom Spawn Suppliers Can Help You with Delicious Yields

Looking for shiitake mushroom spawn suppliers? We have grain, plug, sawdust, and liquid cultures of shiitake spawn for you

Are you looking for the top shiitake mushroom spawn suppliers around? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We not only have shiitake spawn for you, we also have a variety of resources for helping you grow, on both commercial and hobbist levels.   We are one of the shiitake mushroom spawn suppliers that services the global community with a variety of shiitake spawn. Here is a look at the types of shiitake spawn we have available right now:

Shiitake mushroom spawn suppliers have the best strain options 

Shiitake mushrooms are known by a number of names and there are a variety of strains that can be used to grow these mushrooms. Some of the other names for shiitakes, according to Paul Stamets, include sawtooth oak mushroom, black forest mushroom, oakwood mushroom, golden oak mushroom, and black mushroom.  The strains we offer for shiitakes are as follows:

Shiitake Spawn LE 46: We have this fast-colonizing strain in plug, sawdust, and grain spawn options. This strain is well-regarded in the commercial mushroom farming industry as it has been the workhorse for shiitake log farmers for many years. Try this strain specifically if you plan to grow shiitakes on logs. You will get beautiful mushrooms from this strain! Expect them to have a dark cap with white ornamentation on the edges of the caps. You will be able to fruit this mushroom throughout a range of temperatures, from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This strain also responds well to shocking. Buy this strain now as plug spawn, grain spawn, or sawdust spawn

Shiitake Spawn LE 3782: We have this available for sawdust and grain spawn. This strain does great on sawdust blocks, so try it if that is your main desire. However, you can also use it on logs and totems, although the LE 46 may work better for you with logs. The mushrooms will fruit abundantly, but they will be somewhat smaller than the mushrooms produced by LE 46. The color will be slightly different as well, as the shiitakes will be a light brown color with minimal ornamentation. Buy this strain now as grain spawn or sawdust spawn

The life cycle of shiitake mushrooms

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment discusses the life cycle of shiitake mushrooms. It is a worthy read, so take a look:


“Basidiospores, shed by a mature Shiitake Mushroom, are scattered by the wind. Some of the basidiospores may die; however, others may settle on logs, wood chips, and other objects that are suitable for growth. The basidiospores then germinate if the proper environmental conditions occur. As the basidiospores germinate, they begin to produce hyphae. As the hyphae grow, they branch off and develop the primary mycelium. In order for the primary mycelium to grow, it must find a food source, otherwise it will die. Although the primary mycelium cannot produce Shiitake Mushrooms, the secondary mycelium can. The secondary mycelium forms when two primary mycelia meet. The two primary mycelia must be compatible for the secondary mycelia to form. The secondary mycelium absorbs and stores nutrients by colonizing and digesting wood. A hypal knot called a primordium then begins to form. If water and nutrients are available, and environmental conditions are suitable, the primordium will grow larger and larger, eventually producing a mature mushroom with the familiar stem and cap.”

Some resources for growing shiitake mushrooms indoors and outside

Take a look at this detailed article on growing shiitakes indoors. Here is a little snippet from it:


“Straw is a great option for many growers because it can lead to higher yields and works well with faster substrates that needs a little more preparation. This method of indoor mushroom growing becomes more economical if you continuously cultivate mushrooms and produce a good yield that can be eaten or sold commercially. This is not the most effective way to cultivate mushrooms commercially, but it can be a good starting point.”

If you have a greater interest in growing shiitakes outside, some of the common methods involve the use of hardwood logs and totems. For information on how to build, inoculate, and fruit shiitake mushrooms with the use of logs and totems, check out this article on the subject now. Buy your shiitake mushroom spawn now! We will provide you with fresh, contaminant-free spawn so you can begin your own mushroom garden or mushroom farm at home or in a commercial space.   

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