Use Our Mushroom Cultivation Supplies to Grow Like a Pro

Use Our Mushroom Cultivation Supplies to Grow Like a Pro

We have mushroom cultivation supplies for home growers and professionals alike. Discover how our mushroom growing equipment and info can help you succeed easier

Mushroom cultivation supplies can be looked at in a variety of ways. Some mushroom cultivation supplies are physical objects that are required for the process of mushroom growing. Spawn is a good example of this. 

Other cultivation supplies may be more intangible but just as important, like the understanding of how to actually go about growing mushrooms successfully at any scale. Today we are looking at a few mushroom cultivation supplies that will help you grow more mushrooms. 

Mushroom cultivation supplies that make the entire process easier

Some of our most-popular mushroom cultivation supplies come in the form of online classes. We currently have a line of online mushroom cultivation courses available so eager mushroom farmers can get the necessary information while not wasting too much time or resources in the learning process. Here’s a brief rundown of each of our online mushroom cultivation courses so you can get a better understanding of the info. You can also visit each individual page to learn even more, including a weekly syllabus. 

Online Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Course: This course consists of six recorded classes, additional videos and resources, a 30-minute private consultation with the instructor, and a 25% discount to the Fungi Ally online store. Taking this course takes the guesswork out of professional mushroom cultivation. Instead, you will have the opportunity to learn from someone who has already tried and tested methods to develop a farm. You will be able to avoid costly errors, while getting to the actual process of mushroom cultivation much quicker. 

This course covers everything you need, including methods for cultivation, how to develop a farm, methods for selling mushrooms, and possible ways of attaining grants. Learn more about this course now. 

Home Mushroom Cultivation Online Class: This class is the perfect introduction to home cultivation for mushroom growers interested in getting their feet wet while producing up to 50 pounds of fresh mushrooms weekly. Many farmers and homesteaders like this class so they can begin growing mushrooms for their familiar and communities, and now you can join in on the fun! 

This class consists of three recorded lectures with lifetime access, additional videos and readings, and access to a private Facebook group for Fungi Ally cultivation course alumni. You will discover methods of mushroom cultivation for both indoors and outdoors, including some of the most popular species, like oyster mushrooms, shiitakes, lion’s mane, chestnut, wine cap and more! Check out the class syllabus and register here. 

Sourcing spawn as one of the major mushroom cultivation supplies you need

The next decision that mushroom farmers need to make is whether or not they want to take the entire process of mushroom cultivation in house. Doing so involves more oversight, more equipment, and typically more space. It’s also more work. 

Some mushroom farmers will want to produce their own spawn while others will buy spawn from successful growers. Those who buy spawn can then inoculate their own substrates and finish the process from there. Mushroom farmers who buy spawn will often use one or more of the following types of spawn:

  • Mushroom grain spawn, which is great for indoor inoculations using straw, coffee grounds, or supplemented sawdust. 
  • Mushroom sawdust spawn, which is great for outdoor inoculations using wood chips, logs, or totems. 
  • Mushroom plug spawn, which is great for outdoor inoculations on stumps and logs. 

There are still additional options beyond during your own inoculations. For instance, you can buy ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks or growing kits. Companies like ours sell these to many small-scale mushroom farmers who primarily want to fruit and sell fresh mushrooms. These kits have already been inoculated and incubated, and are ready to start once they arrive. Users of these kits typically see baby mushrooms beginning to pin within four or five days of starting the kit. The first harvest from the kit is usually available within 10-14 days of beginning, so you can have fresh mushrooms really fast! Our kits have been known to produce 3-5 pounds of fresh mushrooms throughout their lifespan. You can buy our ready-to-fruit kits here. We even offer bulk discounts. 

Two mushroom cultivation supplies to use if you are doing the entire process yourself

Steamer: Proper sterilization is one of the most important aspects of mushroom cultivation. Although a steamer may fall more into the equipment section rather than growing supplies category, it is vital for any mushroom farm. The cheapest, most-accessible method of steaming is atmospheric steam. Using 3-9 KW steam generators, substrate can be heated up to about 210 degrees Fahrenheit and maintained for 16 hours. This effectively sterilizes the substrate, preparing it for the desired mushroom mycelium

Flow hood: A high-quality working laminar flow hood is vital to make high-yielding mushroom blocks. A flow hood is simply a fan with a filter on it. It cleans the air from any unwanted bacteria, fungi, or viruses that may want to grow on the substrate. It is important to inoculate treated substrate in this clean air flow. This ensures the substrate only has the desired mushroom growing in it. 

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