Use Our Mushroom Education Courses to Further Your Relationship With Fungi

Use Our Mushroom Education Courses to Further Your Relationship With Fungi

Take our mushroom education courses to learn about growing mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms, and take these courses on your desired schedule

You’re probably here because your interest in mushrooms has grown to a degree that you want to learn even more. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! 

We currently offer mushroom education courses for home growing, commercial cultivation, and medicinal mushrooms. Below we are sharing information on each course. You can also learn more more about our mushroom education courses here

Mushroom education courses: Learn about growing mushrooms at home on a small scale 

Our online course for home growers is the perfect introduction for anyone just learning how to grow. After taking this course you will have the knowledge necessary for growing mushrooms abundantly at home, and you will be able to grow up to 50 pounds of fresh mushrooms weekly for your family and friends. 

Not only will you learn how to grow mushrooms with multiple cultivation methods, you will learn about ecological roles of fungi and the mushroom life cycle. 

The types of mushroom cultivation you will learn from taking this online course include:

  • How to grow wine cap mushrooms outdoors on hardwood wood chips
  • How to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs for indoor or outdoor use 
  • Growing a variety of mushrooms on stumps, totems, and rafts
  • How to grow oyster mushrooms on straw indoors or out
  • Growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds
  • How to expand mushroom spawn without a lab
  • How to make spawn of any mushroom species with grain and syringes

You will gain an outline to the stages of mushroom cultivation and will be ready to start growing once you’ve completed the course. All attendees receive lifetime access to the content so they can return back to the information as needed. You will even receive a discount to the online store where you can get your mushroom spawn at a lower price than usual. 

Learn more and sign up for the home mushroom growers online course now. 

Discover the wonder of medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms are growing in popularity due to the support they can provide to humans as food. Our online course on medicinal mushrooms dives into the most up-to-date info on medicinal mushrooms. This course is taught by Willie Crosby, owner of Fungi Ally, and Dr. Lindsay Chimileski, with other guests. 

This course will help you develop a stronger relationship and mushrooms. You will learn how to make your own mushroom products like mushroom teas and mushroom tinctures. You will also learn how to grow some popular gourmet, medicinal varieties. 

After this course you will have a better understanding of:

  • The differences between mycelium and fruiting body products
  • Important constituents found in mushrooms
  • Our 12 favorite mushrooms from a materia medica point-of-view
  • How to use mushrooms for specific purposes
  • Growing medicinal mushrooms outdoors or indoors at home
  • Current research associated with psilocybe mushrooms

Learn more and register now for the online medicinal mushrooms course. 

Mushroom education courses for helping start commercial mushroom farms

The most popular mushroom education course we provide online is for commercial mushroom cultivation. Willie, the owner of the company, developed his own commercial mushroom farm and began selling hundreds of pounds of fresh mushroom each week. He learned many lessons along the way, including what to avoid and what to focus on while starting a commercial mushroom farm. This course shares everything you need to begin commercial mushroom farming and it will save you the trial and error phase. 

Beyond the process of growing mushrooms and how to develop your own farm, the online course explores additional products to sell and successful ways of selling fresh mushrooms. You will also discover how to access and apply for grant money. 

The skills you will learn from taking this online mushroom education course includes:

  • The stages of mushroom cultivation, from start to harvest and packaging
  • How to grow up to 500 pounds of fresh mushrooms each week
  • Information on the ecological role of mushrooms and their life cycle
  • An array of cultivation techniques, including how to grow shiitake on logs, how to grow oysters on straw, and how to grow wine cap mushroom on wood chips
  • What you need to know about high-yield substates
  • How to develop a mission and goal for your mushroom farm business
  • Opportunities you can tap into within the speciality mushroom industry
  • Selling mushrooms as a stand alone business or with other products
  • Developing a business plan 

We are encouraged to see an array of small-scale mushroom farms developing all over the country. We expect this trend will continue as more people gain access and appreciation for delicious gourmet mushrooms.

If you are planning on starting your own mushroom business, then you should start by taking this online mushroom education course. Learn more and sign up here. 

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