Wine Cap Mushroom Spawn for Growing Your Own Food in the City or the Garden

Wine Cap Mushroom Spawn for Growing Your Own Food in the City or the Garden

If you’re interested in growing your own food in the city or out in the country, you need to consider using wine cap mushroom spawn because it produces delicious mushrooms, fast

Wine cap mushrooms are a great option for growing your own food at home, whether you live in a city or in a rural part of the country. Wine caps look much like a portobello mushroom with a purple gills and a burgundy cap. The taste and texture is similar to asparagus and it can be used in a variety of dishes. A variety of culinary enthusiasts have stated that the mushroom pairs well with any of the following: lemon juice, fennel, nutmeg, pasta, polenta, quinoa, ramps, and rice. It also goes well with meats, fishes, or poultry, or in soups and stews.

The best part about this specialty mushroom is that you can begin cultivation it with some information from us, as well as our wine cap mushroom spawn.

The reasons for growing your own food in the city or garden

There are a few reasons for growing your own food in the city. First, you know where your food is coming from. You can ensure that it is free from pesticides or other chemicals. You also get the opportunity to save money on the food you buy and the chance to witness the food as it grows.

The wine cap mushroom is a great option for growing your own food. You can grow this mushroom indoors or out. It serves as an edible addition to garden paths of wood chips. Once these mushrooms establish in the wood chips, they can be transplanted and moved around your yard. The fruited bodies of these mushrooms are large, which has led to the nicknames garden giant, mammoth, and Godzilla mushroom. City growers can benefit from the compact nature of growing these mushrooms, which can be simply done in plastic bags or burlap sacks filled with inoculated wood chips.

Wine cap mushroom spawn: Aggressive sawdust spawn for wood chips

Wine cap is an aggressive and social mushroom that is one of the easiest mushrooms to begin growing.

Expect this mushroom to fruit twice per year if you are living in the Northeast U.S. and growing this mushroom outside in your yard.

If you want to start cultivating this mushroom at home, then we recommend using our wine cap mushroom spawn. The tiny particles of this wine cap mushroom spawn option allows for the mycelium to colonize the substrate quickly. We recommend using this sawdust spawn with a substrate of hardwood wood chips, which can be purchased or collected from local municipalities, arborists, tree care services, or lumber mills.

How to use wine cap mushroom spawn to begin growing outside

After buying wine cap spawn from us and you have acquired the hardwood wood chips to use as the substrate, then it is time to mix it all together.

The most opportune time to make a wine cap mushroom bed is at the beginning of the spring or in the fall, about 30-45 days before the first frost. If you end up making the bed in the summer, make sure that it does not dry out.

The best locations for the bed is in partial sunlight or full shade. If you have plants in your garden that provide enough shade, you can cultivate the mushrooms there.

Begin making the bed by laying down cardboard and layering a couple of inches of woods on it. Then sprinkle your sawdust spawn onto the wood chips. Add another layer of wood chips, and then more spawn on top of it. Continue to do this until you have reached the desired size of the bed. Finish with a layer of cardboard on top, and wet the pile with a hose. Spray the bed everyday for a week or two.

The mushrooms should colonize and then start fruiting as soon as six months after making the bed. If you make your wine cap bed in the early spring, you can be harvesting tasty wine caps that following fall. Then you will have an established mushroom garden for years to come! (It’s also recommended that every year or two you add one or two inches of new wood chips to give the mushrooms more food.)

Want to grow inside? Make your own wine cap mushroom bags

You can put together bags of inoculated substrate to grow wine caps like we mentioned above. You will still need to use our wine cap mushroom sawdust spawn and hardwood wood chips. However, instead of placing these in a garden bed, you will put them in plastic bags or burlap sacks in partial sunlight.

Do you want to start growing your own wine caps? They are an easy mushroom to start with. Buy your wine cap mushroom spawn from us today so you can get your mushroom garden going this spring!

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