Find the Best Mushroom Extract in Our Online Mushroom Store

Find the Best Mushroom Extract in Our Online Mushroom Store

Understanding the nuances of the development process for extracts and you will get a better understanding of what the best mushroom extract entails

The best mushroom extract can come in liquid form, or it can come in powdered form. This is the case because the “best” mushroom extract is going to depend on your preferences to some extent. 

However, it is also important to understand how your mushroom extract is made. Not all mushroom extracts are created the same, and the process used to create the extract is important in understanding which type of constituents will be in the extract. 

For instance, some compounds in mushrooms are mainly extracted by the use of hot water, while others are primarily extracted with the use of alcohol. Furthermore, some mushroom extracts are made by extracting mushroom mycelium grown on grain while others focus on extraction from the fruited mushroom body itself. 

We are big believers that the best mushroom extraction involves dual extraction of the fruited mushroom body, and we provide some additional insight below as to why this is the case. 

Characteristics of the best mushroom extract in liquid form

The best mushroom extract can involve powders, teas, and tinctures. 

According to Medicinal Mushrooms: A Clinical Guide by Martin Powell, “Extracts are also used to deliver high concentrations of polysaccharides or other active components.”

The book also states that extracts are used when therapeutically important components, like phenolic components and triterpenoids, are desired from indigestible mushrooms. The book then discusses two popular methods of extracts. Here’s a look at both those methods shared in Medicinal Mushrooms. 

Aqueous extraction is the first method discussed. This is also referenced as the method for making traditional teas and decoctions. According to the book, these extractions provide, “high polysaccharide concentrations but low levels of poorly water-soluble triterpenes. Crude polysaccharide extracts typically have around 30% polysaccharides with further purification possible.”

The next extraction method is ethanolic extraction, which is also referred to as alcohol extraction. This extract method leads to the extraction of more triterpenes but fewer polysaccharides. 

So what do you do in order to get the most from liquid extractions? We recommend using dual extractions that combine aqueous extract and ethanolic extract. We also recommend using extracts that are derived from fruited mushroom bodies and not mycelium. We provide more insight on this below. 

The liquid extracts we provide to our audience are made from only fruited mushroom bodies. We do not use mycelium grown on grain to make our liquid tinctures. When buying a real mushroom extract that exclusively contains fruiting bodies, you can rest assured you are receiving 100% mushroom tissue and no grain in the final product. 

The liquid mushroom extracts we sell are created with the use of tea and alcohol. First, tea is made by using hot water. This extracts the polysaccharides of the mushrooms. Then the mushrooms are soaked in alcohol for 4-6 weeks to draw out any remaining compounds. Then the tea and water are combined to allow a final product that is about 25-35% alcohol. 

Once this process is complete, the liquid tincture can be used as is, or the liquid can be further processed into a powder. With this process you are left with a white powder that can be used in smoothies or capsules. At this point the compounds can easily be absorbed into the body.

The best mushroom extract makes it easier to use mushrooms 

Extracts provide a benefit to customers because extracts are easy to transport and consume. This means people can get the healthful constituents from mushrooms without needing to eat pounds of fresh mushrooms. As Medicinal Mushrooms points out:

“As well as offering higher concentrations of polysaccharides and other clinically important compounds, extracts may be preferred in cases of gut dysbiosis, from antibiotic use or otherwise, with resultant impaired ability to break down whole mushrooms or biomass products (also in cases of colostomy).”

The best mushroom extract, when created properly, has more healthful constituents

There have been some studies conducted that show higher levels of healthful compounds found in fruited bodies compared to mycelium cultures. 

Some of these studies have been discussed in Medicinal Mycology. According to its website, “There are numerous studies of mycelium grown on grain and their clinical application. And mycelium does indeed contain beta glucans, albeit at a lower level than fruiting bodies.”

The article continues, “Work by Bak et al. (2014) found stipe and pileus of shiitake fruiting bodies showed beta glucan in the range of 29-56%, while mycelium ranged from 15-27%. Note the low range of the former and top range of the latter.”

Overall, both extracts of fruited mushroom bodies and mycelium grown on grain provide healthful constituents, it just appears that there is a higher concentration of these constituents when the fruited body is involved. The mycelium grown on grain costs less to produce, which is likely why many supplement producers use it. However, the consumer can get more from the product with the greater amount of healthful constituents, so a higher price tag still makes it a worthy purchase. 

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