Get the Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement From Us

Get the Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement From Us

What makes ours the best lion’s mane mushroom supplement? We go over that for you, including some exciting information on lion’s mane mushroom

What makes for the best lion’s mane mushroom supplement? Well, it starts with high-quality, organic lion’s mane mushrooms. 

Today we are looking at characteristics of the best lion’s mane mushroom supplement. For all those interested in getting your hands on your own high-quality lion’s mane supplements, we provide both a powdered extract and a liquid extract. Our powdered lion’s mane mushroom supplement uses only mushroom fruiting bodies and not mycelium. This way you can rest assured that you are getting a top-notch supplement of mushroom tissue, and not any grain left over from myceliated products. 

Traditional uses may have inspired the best lion’s mane mushroom supplement

Edible mushrooms have been consumed by many cultures throughout the world. These people were specifically consuming the fruited mushroom body, although there is also some evidence more recently that mycelium may have also been used as well. 

For instance, according to The Fungal Pharmacy, “Mycelium from various Hericium species, extracted with hot water, has been used in sports drinks called Houtou. This was used in the Eleventh Asia Sports Festival in 1990, and believed responsible for several victories.”

The book continues with additional information on the use of the lion’s mane mycelium. “The mycelium is used in China to make pills for treating gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as chronic gastritis.”

It’s not just fresh mushrooms or mushroom tea that’s been used either. The Fungal Pharmacy also discusses some other traditional uses. “Various native tribes carried the dried powder in medicine bags as a styptic for cuts and wounds.”

Understanding the chemical constituents found in lion’s mane mushrooms

The constituents found in lion’s mane is the biggest reason that people are studying this mushroom today as a way of supporting various systems for health. 

According the The Fungal Pharmacy, here is a look at the chemical constituents found in Hericium erinaceus:

Beta-glucoxylan, glucoxylan, 31 percent protein, galacoxyloglucan protein, hericonene A and B (phenols), 240 international units of calciferol per hundred grams, 381 milligrams ergosterol per hundred grams, polyhydroxysteroids include cerevisterol; six ergostane derivatives including 3 beta, 5 alpha, 9 gamma-trihydroxy-ergosta-7, 22 dien-6-one; 3 beta-glucopyranosul-5 alpha, 6 beta-di-hydroxyergosta-7, 22-diene, xylan, and glycoxylan. Cyathane derivatives are believed the nerve growth stimulators. Also contains the aromatic compounds erinacerins A and B. 

An experiment from Japan that looked at the efficacy of lion’s mane mushroom

Before getting into this info, we want to reiterate that we are not making any specific claims about lion’s mane being a drug or a medicine. We do like to share information from research studies and books so that you can make your own decisions associated with lion’s mane mushroom supplements. 

According to The Fungal Pharmacy:

“A study of one hundred patients in a rehabilitation hospital in Japan looked at the effect of five grams of lion’s mane mushroom or placebo in their soup for six months. These patients were elderly and suffered from cerebrovascular disease, degenerative orthopedic disease, Parkinson’s disease, spino-cerebellar degeneration, diabetic neuropathy, spinal cord injury, or disuse syndrome.”
“After six months, six out of seven patients taking the daily dose of mushroom demonstrated improvement in perceptual capacities and all seven had improvements in their Functional Independence Measure. Lion’s mane may indeed be a potent inducer of brain tissue regeneration.”

The best lion’s mane mushroom supplement can come in various forms 

The best lion’s mane mushroom supplement involves extracting the chemical constituents. With our liquid tinctures, we use a triple extraction method to get the most out of the mushroom. We offer this tincture for fungi aficionados who love using medicinal mushrooms as a potent supplement in their daily healthcare.

Our lion’s mane mushroom powder is what we would consider to be the best lion’s mane mushroom supplement around. It’s made from only lion’s mane fruited mushroom bodies, and it is certified organic. 

Growing your own lion’s mane mushroom at home 

For those of us in the northeast, we have the opportunity to forage for wild lion’s mane mushrooms in the forest. However, it is not the easiest mushroom to find growing abundantly in the wild. Furthermore, the lion’s mane mushrooms growing naturally are often found by insects before humans, making it a delicious treat for them and not us. 

Fortunately for us, lion's mane can also be cultivated by mushroom enthusiasts. It is not the easiest mushroom to grow, nor is it the most difficult mushroom to grow either. It does require the appropriate time, attention, and materials to grow it properly, though.

If you do have the time, attention, and interest in cultivating lion’s mane mushrooms, you might want to use some of our mushroom spawn or lion’s mane mushroom growing kits to do so. You could eat your lion’s mane fresh. You could also dry them, or tincture them for longer usage. 

For those interested in lion’s mane extract but not interested in growing the mushroom or making the tincture yourself, you can buy the best lion’s mane mushroom supplement from us! 

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