Know How to Use Reishi Mushroom Powder to Support Your Health

Know How to Use Reishi Mushroom Powder to Support Your Health

There are a variety of ways on how to use reishi mushroom powder. Discover recommendations to try so you can have more mushrooms in your life!

Do you know how to use reishi mushroom powder? We are here to help you learn a myriad of ways to include mushroom powder into your life. 

Beyond our recommendations, we have a variety of mushroom powders for sale. Our mushroom powders are of the highest quality and are derived from the mushroom fruited body, opposed to other types of mushroom supplements that are derived from mycelium grown on grain.

Read on to discover four awesome ways to use mushroom powders in your life, and pick some up from our online store to try it yourself.

How to use reishi mushroom powder: Add it to your favorite hot beverage

Anyone for some reishi mushroom coffee? This is one of my personal favorites when it comes to thinking about how to use reishi mushroom powder. I find that the taste of reishi goes really well with medium to dark coffee, as they both have a certain level of bitterness to them. The hot water makes it easy to dissolve the powder in the beverage with some stirring. I tend to use a small whisk as that has helped break up any clumps. Some days I will even use a small frothing wand, which people use to make lattes at home. So if you prefer a coffee drink like a latte, you can still add reishi mushroom powder (or any of our mushroom powders) to the coffee with your favorite milk for an extra special drink.

Reishi mushroom tea has been popular for centuries. Using dried reishi mushroom is the most common method for making reishi tea at home. Many people who make reishi mushroom tea at home will steep the dried reishi for hours to get a strong brew. However, with the advent of mushroom powders, the tea making process does not have to take as long as the powdered reishi is more concentrated than the larger pieces of dried reishi. So you can make reishi tea simply by mixing the reishi powder in hot water. You can even make extra strength reishi tea if you have some dried reishi already and you add the powder to it. 

How to use reishi mushroom powder: Blend it into smoothies

There is usually an increase in the usage of functional mushroom powders during season changes or during the cold and flu period of the year. These powders may support and enhance immune health, which is a good reason to take them during times when it’s easier to become sick. 

However, that does not mean that mushroom powders can’t be used all year round. Even during the hot summer you can use mushroom powders and blending them into a smoothie might be one of the best ways of doing so. 

One of my favorite mushroom smoothies is the chocolate banana mushroom smoothie. Don’t let the sound of it stop you. Trust me, it’s worth a try. Here are the ingredients to use:

  • Two whole bananas. It’s preferable to use one frozen and one fresh

  • 1 cup of unsweetened milk. You can use alternative milks or cow’s milk, whichever you prefer

  • 1 tablespoon of your favorite mushroom powder

  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of cacao or cocoa powder

  • 2 pitted dates

You can also add some other ingredients in if you would like. For instance, some people will add some cinnamon or protein powder. 

Add all of these ingredients into your blender and blend until it’s smooth. Then you’re ready to consume a delicious chocolate banana (and mushroom) smoothie!

How to use reishi mushroom powder: Cooking with it 

Mushroom powder can also be used in cooking. Adding it to stews and soups is common, and very easy to do. Simply measure out a couple tablespoons or teaspoons, depending on how much soup or stew you plan to make. Add the powder to the soup or stew as it simmers. 

There are other ways of using mushroom powders for cooking though. For instance, if you like to cook protein like steak, chicken, fish, or even tofu, you can combine mushroom powder with other seasonings like salt and pepper to make a seasoning that you coat the protein with. This is similar to any type of “rub” someone may use in their cooking. You can even dust cooked vegetables with your mushroom powders as well. 

How to use reishi mushroom powder: Make your own capsules

A final consideration for using mushroom powders is to develop your own capsules. You can take the mushroom powder and fill vegetable capsules with the powder. This way you can easily travel with the capsules when desired and you can consume them easily with water or another beverage. 

Filling the capsules yourself will overall be cheaper than buying your own capsules already made. 

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