Understanding the Best Mushroom Powder for Your Lifestyle

Understanding the Best Mushroom Powder for Your Lifestyle

The best mushroom powder involves certain species of mushrooms, and comes ready-to-consume, certified organic, and from fruited mushroom bodies

One of the best ways to take advantage of the health benefits from mushrooms is to consume them in dried and powdered form. We cover this more in depth below.

The best mushroom powder comes from real mushrooms that are organic. And when we say real mushrooms, we mean that they are the fruited mushroom bodies from gourmet, functional mushrooms like lion’s mane, cordyceps, and reishi. 

What we consider the best mushroom powder

If you consider mushroom consumption throughout antiquity, you'll be thinking about people who have eaten or made tea with fresh or dried mushrooms. Like, the actual mushroom. The fruited body that developed from mycelium and reached the light of day. The fruited mushroom has primarily been what people have consumed throughout the ages and if you go buy a mushroom melt at your local café, it will be actual fruited mushrooms that are used. 

Now, in modern times, some companies have focused on creating mushroom supplements and mushroom powders with the use of mycelium. They do this because, ultimately, it’s significantly cheaper to produce the mushroom mycelium opposed to actually fruiting the mushrooms. Myceliated grain is what’s used in these products. The biggest downside to using myceliated grain is the fungus cannot be separated from the grain, so both can be found in the final product. Paul Stamets states, "Growing on rice might have 30-40% conversion of rice to mycelium" meaning that up to 70% of the product could still be rice and not fungal tissue.

If you're looking for the best mushroom powder, then you will want a supplement product that is actually made from mushroom fruit bodies! The mushroom powders we sell are the perfect option for anyone who wants to buy the best mushroom powder because ours use only mushroom fruiting bodies. And these mushroom powders are certified organic!

Understanding the right mushrooms for you that will lead you to the best mushroom powder for your life 

To find the best mushroom powder for your lifestyle, first consider why you’re looking for a mushroom powder. Do you want to use functional mushrooms for more energy? Do you want to use mushroom powders to support your immune system and your overall well-being? Do you want to use mushroom powders to support brain health? There are many different reasons people use mushroom powders, in addition to a variety of different mushrooms that get powdered for these supplements. Let’s take a quick look through the mushrooms we provided in powdered or liquid form so you can get a better understanding of which mushrooms would be the best for you. 

Cordyceps: Cordyceps mushrooms have long been used in Chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments. There are some promising reports that cordyceps might hold the key to delaying cell aging. It is said that cordyceps can help us live longer with better health by supporting our natural anti-aging processes.

When it comes to energy, cordyceps mushrooms may be able to support our bodies there as well. Cordyceps mushrooms may be able to support the efficiency of oxygen utilization in our bodies. Cordyceps give us a full supply of energy without the usual expense of our own personal bodily resources. Cordyceps have been used by athletes for this reason as cordyceps are able to aid in recovery after heavy exertion, in addition to supporting stamina and endurance levels. cordyceps assist with heart function and reduce blood pressure levels as well, while increasing stamina and endurance levels. 

The most common form of cordyceps mushroom is Cordyceps sinensis. However there are several other species of cordyceps used, including Cordyceps militaris. 

Reishi: Reishi mushroom is another mushroom with a long history of use throughout Asia.  

Reishi mushroom is said to be good for longevity and health. It has been shown in studies to support immune function. The reishi mushroom has also been used to support mental health. Reishi is one mushroom that is not typically eaten as a whole mushroom, but it gets powdered for a supplement or used as a tea. Reishi can support the body's own defenses within the immune system. 

Lion’s mane: Lion's mane mushroom grows ferociously with a protruding mane, providing it with its namesake. The use of lion's mane has been growing as some studies have shown that it may help support brain health and nerves. This mushroom is also a choice edible, so beyond using it in powdered or tinctured form, you can cook this delicious mushroom up as well. In fact, we have some lion’s mane recipe options for you to try! 

Blend (maitake, lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, shiitake, turkey tail, chaga): To learn all about our mushroom powder blend, check out this article on our website that discusses each of the mushrooms involved in this mushroom supplement blend.

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