Growing Mushroom Kits & Questions Frequently Asked About Them

Growing Mushroom Kits & Questions Frequently Asked About Them

Interested in growing mushroom kits? Learn about how to cultivate mushrooms with these kits before you embark upon the journey 

The popularity of mushroom cultivation is exploding, for both hobbyists and commercial growers alike. Cultivating mushrooms is made simple with growing mushroom kits, and we can help you get your hands on a variety of species to try. 

People have been enamored by these mushroom growing kits, and the interest does not come without questions. So today I’m providing answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding mushroom growing kits. 

Growing mushroom kits frequently asked questions:

What kind of maintenance should I do for the kit?

The kits are shipped with instructions on how to use them specifically. There may be some varying specifics for the different kits, but here is a quick, broad rundown of the process:

Once the kit arrives in the mail, place it in a room that has enough light that you could comfortably read a book. Cut a hole in each side of the kit. This is where the mushrooms will fruit out of. The mushrooms will grow towards the oxygen from outside. Mist the kit two or three times each day to ensure property humidity. It is ideal to have a humidity and temperature gauge handy, but not necessary. The kit should begin pinning within seven days of starting the kit. The “pins” are baby mushrooms starting to grow. Continue misting the kit each day and within another week your first flush of fresh mushrooms should be ready to harvest. 

Is the mushroom growing kit difficult to use?

No, the kits are not difficult to use. Some kits are very easy to use, like the blue oyster kit. The blue oyster can fruit within a large range of temperatures. Some other kits, like the king oyster, have a smaller temperature range for fruiting, so they may potentially seem more difficult to use. We recommend blue oyster and shiitake kits for beginners. 

I received my growing kit and there’s a small cut in the top. Is it still usable?

Yes! The fulfill team often cuts small holes into the top of bags in order to pack them accordingly. The kits are already colonized at this point, so we do not fear contamination due to the hole. The holes are placed right at packing, so the only environment they are exposed to after being cut is the box it's shipped in. 

Do you have different kinds of mushroom grow kits?

We offer multiple species in our growing kits so you can try your hand at growing an array of delicious mushrooms at home. 

The current lineup includes:

Can I break apart the mushroom growing kit to expand mycelium into other substrates?

It’s not recommended to break the kits apart in attempts to expand the spawn. It may be possible with an aggressively-colonizing species like blue oyster, but it is not guaranteed. You may ultimately end up killing the mycelium in the process. 

What are the growing mushroom kits made of? What are its dimensions?

The grow kits are a colonized block of organic red oak sawdust. They are roughly 8” x 9” x 6”, give or take an inch. The kits come in a recyclable plastic bag. 

What kinds of yields should I expect from the growing kit?

We expect that you can yield 2-4 pounds of fresh mushrooms during the lifecycle of the kit. 

Who would you recommend growing mushroom kits to?

I recommend growing kits for everyone! They are the perfect option for beginners starting to experiment with mushroom growing. It’s a great introduction and a cost-effective way of deciding if mushroom growing is a hobby you want to take even further. 

These mushroom growing kits are of professional quality and are used by small-scale commercial mushroom farmers, so these kits are truly for anyone. 

Why professional mushroom farmers use these mushroom kits 

There are many steps to commercial mushroom farming and not all mushroom farmers want to take all the steps. Or, some might want to do every piece of the process but cannot due to space, time, or equipment. That’s where buying ready-to-fruit kits comes in handy!

Buying kits from us is perfect for the mushroom farmer who only wants to focus on fruiting fresh mushrooms, harvesting and selling them to their local community. Doing only these parts of the cultivation process saves time and involves less space and equipment. 

We provide wholesale rates for mushroom farmers that want to use these blocks in their commercial mushroom farm. The more you buy, the cheaper the cost per block becomes. Take a look at our mushroom growing kit page to see bulk rates, as well as ideal conditions for fruiting most of the mushroom species we provide. 

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