Use Grow Kits for Mushrooms and Get Fresh Food Quicker

Use Grow Kits for Mushrooms and Get Fresh Food Quicker

Our grow kits for mushrooms produce pounds of fresh food. Get yours today and have your first flush within two weeks of starting the kit!

Using grow kits for mushrooms is a great way to get started with mushroom farming, for both consumers and businesses alike. 

There are many benefits behind the use of grow kits for mushrooms, which I discuss below. 

10 big reasons to use grow kits for mushrooms 

1.) Grow kits are the perfect place to start: If you are curious about mushroom growing, then a kit is a great place to start. You get to watch the mushrooms grow and you get a taste of the process. If you enjoy the fruiting stage, you can then go back and get into other areas of mushroom cultivation, like substrate preparation and incubation. 

2.) Grow kits come ready to fruit: Since the grow kits are ready to fruit, you can begin using them once they arrive in the mail. Once you begin the process, you should be seeing baby mushrooms starting to pin within a week of starting the kit. Your first flush of fresh mushrooms should be ready within 7-10 days after the initial pinning stage. 

3.) Grow kits are simpler than doing the entire process yourself: This key point goes for both home hobbyist growers and small-scale commercial growers. Hobbyists can learn with kits, and commercial growers can use kits if they do not have the space or interest in doing all the stages of cultivation. 

4.) Grow kits afford the opportunity to explore mushroom cultivation before investing in bigger grow operations: Again, this goes for both commercial growers and home growers alike. Commercial mushroom growers interested in a certain mushroom species can perform a small run of a couple kits to see how they perform within their growing area. It’s a great way to test to see if a certain species would be worth offering. Hobbyists can experiment with a certain species before starting a larger grow of that species with sawdust or grain spawn. 

5.) Grow kits typically produce multiple flushes: Your mushroom growing kit isn’t done after its first flush. Most kits will produce two or three times. 

6.) Grow kits we offer are certified organic: What’s better than organic food? Not much in our book! Each one of our mushroom growing kits are 10 pounds of colonized substrate that is certified organic. 

7.) Grow kits we offer are the biggest on the market: 10 pound grow kits are twice as big as many of the other growing kits on the market. Being 10 pounds and certified organic puts these kits in a category of their own. 

8.) Grow kits can be used indoors and outside: You can be growing your own organic, gourmet food at home all year round because these kits work well inside as well as outside (when temperature and humidity conditions are appropriate to the specific species you’re growing).

9.) Grow kits yield pounds of delicious food! Our big kits are known to produce between two and four pounds of fresh mushrooms throughout the duration of their existence. Reach max yields when you are able to keep the kits in ideal temperature and humidity conditions. 

10.) Grow kits are perfect gifts for the mushroom or gardening enthusiast in your life: Not sure what to get a loved one who has everything already, or doesn’t want any more things? A grow kit is a great option, and it can be composted after it is done. 

How to use these grow kits for mushrooms

Once you receive the grow kit in the mail, find a good location for growing. If you are doing it outside, make sure that you have some favorable conditions. Avoid trying to grow mushrooms outside when it is freezing out. For inside growing, find a spot that has enough light that you can comfortably read a book. 

Next, make some slits in the plastic that the grow kit comes in. Do this for all of the kits except the shiitake, as the shiitake kit should be removed from the plastic bag and soaked for about five hours. For lion’s mane growing, cut a V-shape on each of the sides. For oysters and other species, you can cut an X-shape on each side. Don’t cut too many slits in the plastic or the mushrooms that grow will likely be much smaller than they could do. 

Once the slits are cut, you can begin misting the kit. A spray bottle works great. You can also use the nozzle on your kitchen sink. Mist the kit two or three times each day. 

I typically recommend using a temperature gauge and hygrometer if possible, as it will help you dial in both temperature and humidity conditions. Having ideal temperature and humidity conditions will help you yield as many mushrooms as possible from your kit. 

Baby mushrooms will begin to pin within one week and you should be able to harvest your first flush within 7-10 days after pinning begins. 

There you have it, your first harvest with grow kits for mushrooms! Check out our growing kits page to see species selection and ideal growing conditions for the various species we provide. 

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