Mega King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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Our king oyster mushroom growing kit provides big, beautiful flushes. Harvest pounds of fresh king oysters with this king oyster mushroom kit!

Also known as the king trumpet mushroom, this is a heartier option for the oyster mushroom lovers! Each king oyster mushroom kit is 10 lbs, fully colonized and certified organic. Fruit 3-5 lbs of mushrooms throughout the king oyster mushroom kit's lifetime.

Ideal growing conditions for the king oyster mushroom growing kit:

59-65 Degrees Fahrenheit, 85% relative humidity

Light: King oyster mushrooms need light to grow, but it does not and should not be direct sunlight. If you can comfortably read a book in the location where your king oyster mushroom kit is located, then you have enough light for it to fruit. 

Humidity: You should mist your kit a few times each day so it keeps the humidity level appropriate for the kit to fruit. As mentioned above, a relative humidity in the 85% range is ideal. The relative humidity can be lowered to about 80% once the kit begins to pin. You will see little baby mushrooms forming, and that is what we call the pinning stage. These baby mushrooms will continue to grow until they are full-sized and ready to harvest. 

If you have a difficult time keeping the humidity level where you would ideally like to have it, then there are a few options you can try. First, you can use another plastic bag as a humidity tent. To do this, take a plastic bag and drape it loosely over the kit. Make sure there is still enough airflow that the kit will receive fresh air. This is a necessary part to fruiting mushrooms. Another option is to use a plastic tote or bin. You can place your kit into the plastic tote with the top off. You can mist the sides of the tote to keep them wet, and the bottom too if you would like. Just make sure the kit does not sit in standing water. Using a tote with the kit inside and a small fan blowing over the top of the tote has been a method many people have used to increase humidity levels indoors while using their king oyster mushroom growing kit. 

CO2 level: The levels of CO2 greatly affect the shape of the fruit bodies. You need to have fresh air flow for the mushrooms or you may end up with mushrooms that grow poorly, or they will mostly be stems. Allow the kit to get fresh air so that the mushrooms can grow properly. 

Cutting holes in your kit: You will need to cut holes in the plastic that your king oyster mushroom kit comes in before you begin misting it. You can mist the substrate directly through the hole you make. We recommend using the broadside of the kit to cut the bags. 

Background information on the king oyster mushroom growing kit 

The king oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) is also known as the king trumpet mushroom. It grows differently than many other oyster mushrooms, as the bulk of the fruited body is a dense stem with a smaller, thinner cap. The entire stem of the mushroom, along with the cap, is edible. The texture of the king oyster is typically firmer and heartier than other oyster mushrooms, which makes it a great substrate for tender meat like chicken. 

Is the king oyster the king of mushrooms? Well, it is at least the king of oyster mushrooms!  We have king oyster mushroom kits so you can grow your own king oysters at home or commercially. These king oyster growing kits are specifically designed to cultivate king oyster mushrooms.

The king oyster can be found growing in various locations around the world, including central Europe, northern Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean. 

Cooking king oysters that you harvest from your king oyster mushroom kit

The king oyster mushroom has a flavor that is a bit different from other oyster mushrooms. It has been classified as earthy, aromatic, and very savory. It may also have an umami flavor as well. Other people claim to notice a slight flavor of anise on the finish. 

Oyster mushrooms can soak up the flavor of other foods it is cooked with as well. The texture of the king oyster goes well in dishes where you substitute the mushroom for types of lean meat, like chicken. You can eat the entire stem and cap. Cutting them into medallion shapes is an easy way to cook this mushroom. 

King oyster mushrooms provide protection against worms

The king oyster, along with other species of oyster mushrooms, can battle against nematodes. The predatory nematode considered in this study was the Ancylostoma spp genre. According to one study, “Here, the predatory activity of the fungus P. eryngii on A. caninum larvae was demonstrated, verifying that the fungal isolate was able to interact and prey on the larvae during the experiment.”

So what does all of this information mean exactly? Well, the king oyster mushroom can support intestinal health by alleviating worms. This is not only true for humans, but also for domestic pets, which often have to deal with worms. 

Buy your king oyster mushroom growing kit today!

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Virginie S.
United States
Nothing happened

Very disappointed, he had this huge bad standing on our kitchen counter for so long, and nothing happened, we might not have done the right thing...

Caroline H.
United States United States
Abundance of mushrooms

Looking forward to an abundance of mushrooms. I’ve always have had amazing success with FungiAlly kits.

Amy M.
United States United States
Easy to use, great yield

This was my first experience using a mushroom growing kit. The directions were easy to understand and it was fun to watch the mushrooms grow. They are far more delicious than what you will find on the grocery store shelf! I will be back for more.

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