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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Kit

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Kit

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Our lion’s mane mushroom kit will not disappoint! 

This strangely shaped and delicious mushroom is a welcome to the dinner plate of any mushroom lover. With a lobster like taste this mushroom is fantastic sautéed with some butter and lemon juice. Our lion’s mane mushroom kit comes ready to fruit, simply poke holes in the bag, mist daily, and mushrooms will grow within a week.

Each lion's mane mushroom kit will fruit 1-3 times over the course of 2 months offering 1-3 pounds of mushrooms for your dinner table.

Furthermore, each lion’s mane mushroom kit is 6 pounds, fully colonized and certified organic. 

Lion's mane starts as a tight cluster that looks similar to a brain and over the course of 3 or 4 days begins to unravel majestic spines until they are cascading towards the earth. Harvest this mushroom when the spines are ¼-½ an inch long. This mushroom is delicious sautéed in thin slices or torn apart into bite size pieces. Add lemon juice and butter or olive oil to complement the flavor of Lion’s mane.

Here is our step-by-step process:

1. Cut small slits or holes in the bag. We use a pair of scissors and cut a 1 inch slit in the bag, you can also use a knife and make an X where you want the mushroom to fruit

2. For even fruiting cut two holes on the larger side of the bag and 1 hole on the short side of the bag, in total 6 holes.

3. Roll the top of the bag down so it covers the filter and there is limited air above the sawdust substrate. Flip the bag over so the block keeps the rolled part closed. Alternatively, use clothes pins or paper clips to keep the bag rolled. This ensures the mushrooms fruit outside of the bag rather than inside.

4. Mist the outside of the bag once or twice a day. Keep in a lighted place like your kitchen counter or living room shelf.

5. Harvest the mushrooms when the spines are cascading down and are about ¼ - ½ an inch long. Allow the block to rest for 7-10 days and the mushrooms will begin fruiting again! Most blocks will fruit 3-4 times before they are ready to be composted.

6. Reorder a fruiting mushroom block at

The ideal temperature and humidity for fruiting your lion's mane mushroom kit is between 45-70˚F with a relative humidity of 70-85%.

Get your lion's mane mushroom grow kit now! 

Also be sure to check out our entire line of mushroom growing kits. We have an array of edible, gourmet species that fit the dinner plate perfectly. These mushroom growing kits work both indoors and out if conditions are appropriate. These mushroom growing kits are great for everyone, from beginners to pros!

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Scott A.
United States United States

Lions Mane Kit

I was very pleased with the ease of growing these mushrooms and they are delicious. I'll definitely be ordering more. Fungi Ally is a top notch operation.

Andrzej SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

It’s growing great

Sam B.
United States United States

Awesome first flush!

This is my first time growing mushrooms so I was a bit skeptical but I have probably about a pound of lions mane growing and almost ready to harvest! Shipping was super fast and I will definitely be buying from here again

Cheryl L.
United States United States

Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit

Pretty sure I followed all the directions, watched the YouTube's. It has done absolutely nothing! I keep misting it in hopes that it will do SOMETHING, but not holding my breath at this point. Very disappointed.

Cherie G.
United States United States

So disappointed

I was excited to try my hand growing lion's mane mushrooms, but I didn't get to try even one. I followed the instructions and soon had mushrooms popping out of the bag/block with tiny nubbins that should have grown into shaggy spines but never did. Instead they turned yellow then brown. Everything dried out. I supposed it was my fault and resigned myself to wait and try again. But after awhile it seemed so dry that I had to soak the block. After that nothing but dark streaks grew so I had to toss it all. A sad day.