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Discover the Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Products Around

What do you consider to be the best lion’s mane mushroom products? We believe organic mushrooms are a part of it, but there’s more to know!

The best lion’s mane mushroom products are available to you through our online store. You can get lion’s mane extract powders and capsules for easily incorporating the benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms to your diet. 

We also have spawn and grow kits for those of you who want to grow your own fresh lion’s mane at home or commercially. With our grow kits, you can have your first flush of fresh lion’s mane within a couple of weeks. With our spawn, you can grow lion’s mane indoors or outdoors, in whatever quantity you like. 

Learn all about our lion’s mane products below!

The best lion’s mane mushroom supplements: Organic extract powders & capsules

The lion’s mane mushroom fruiting body has been the part of the fungus consumed for health benefits throughout antiquity. Only in the last decade or so, since mushrooms have become so popular, has mycelium become part of the mushroom supplement market. However, it seems the mycelium products are inferior for a few reasons, which is why we believe the best lion’s mane extracts are hot water extracted mushroom fruiting bodies! The label on the back should guarantee (like we do) beta glucan and starch levels.

According to Dr. Alla of Medi Mushrooms, “Many mushrooms extract producers hide the fact that the base of the extract is mycelium and use elaborate false descriptions of their products. For example, they would say that the extract contains a high amount of polysaccharide, which is true because polysaccharides are a class of carbohydrates, and the brown rice used in mycelium extracts is essentially a carbohydrate. This means that the high amounts of polysaccharides mainly come from the starch, gluten and other non-mushroom components of the brown rice.”

There have been some studies conducted that show higher levels of healthful compounds found in fruited bodies compared to mycelium cultures. One such study is entitled Determination of Glucan Contents in the Fruiting Bodies and Mycelia of Lentinula edodes Cultivars. This study found that the stipe and pileus of shiitake fruiting bodies showed beta glucan in the range of 29-56%, while mycelium ranged from 15-27%. As you can see from these numbers, the mycelium had significantly lower amounts of beta glucan than parts of the fruiting body. 

Overall, both extracts of fruited mushroom bodies and mycelium grown on grain provide healthful constituents, it just appears that there is a higher concentration of these constituents when the fruited body is involved. The mycelium grown on grain costs less to produce, which is likely why many supplement producers use it. However, the consumer can get more from the product with the greater amount of healthful constituents, like those coming from extracts using the mushroom fruiting body

The best lion’s mane mushroom growing kits

Our lion’s mane mushroom growing kits are the best on the market for a few reasons. First, these are big kits, coming in at 10 pounds of colonized substrate. Most of the kits on the market are smaller, yet are similarly priced. 

The kits come ready to fruit, will produce multiple flushes so you really get your money’s worth, PLUS they are certified organic. So you are getting the cleanest mushrooms around!

The best lion’s mane mushroom spawn: Grain, sawdust, and plug

Lion’s mane mushrooms grow on trees in the wild. If you are planning on growing your own at home, here are the types of trees to consider using:

Alder, Aspen, Beech, Birch, Black Walnut, Cherry, Chestnut, Cottonwood, Elm, Hackberry, Hornbeam, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Mulberry, Oak, and Sweetgum. 

The three bolded options are the ones that work the best for lion’s mane growing, so we recommend using those above all others. 

If you have logs or stumps of these trees, you can use our lion’s mane plug spawn to inoculate. Our sawdust spawn is also an option for filling the holes. If you want to learn more about the process of inoculating logs, stumps, or totems, then take a look at this article

Lion’s mane grain spawn is ideal for growing indoors. Some growers will inoculate bags of sawdust from the tree types listed above for growing lion’s mane indoors. This is similar to our lion’s mane growing kits. 

The best lion’s mane mushroom experience is available to you!

Whether you want to grow the best lion’s mane mushrooms, fresh at home, or you want to simply take high-quality lion’s mane products in the easiest way possible, we can help! 

Head on over to our online store to check out the lion’s mane grow kit, our various types of lion’s mane spawn, and our lion’s mane mushroom powder or our lion’s mane mushroom capsules now! Remember, our mushroom extract powders and capsules, as well as our mushroom growing kits, are all certified organic! Get the best lion’s mane mushroom products from us today!

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