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Feast and Forage Online Class

Feast and Forage Online Class

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Join James Beard winning chef Alan Bergo from and Willie Crosby for this 3 week online class to learn how to forage and cook mushrooms. Feast like royalty once you know how to find and prepare mushrooms like a pro! 

Foraging and cooking mushrooms can be an intimidating adventure to dive into. Join us for this three week course that will give you the skills and confidence to get out into the woods, harvest mushrooms, and cook them like a pro! Willie Crosby from Fungi Ally will help us understand how to identify mushrooms and what common mushrooms we can go out and forage. We will also talk about a couple easy ways to grow them at home. Alan Bergo, James Beard award winning chef, and founder of will break down the basics of cooking mushrooms and share some of his favorite recipes in the kitchen. You won't want to wait until foraging season to bust out some of these delicious dishes!  The course includes:

  • (3) 90 minute lectures–Lifetime access to the recordings 

  • Further videos and resources to watch

  • Readings from a variety of books to deepen your understanding

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  • Week 1: Cooking Mushrooms with Alan Bergo

    Intro to cooking mushrooms-- 5 recipes for the kitchen--- Transforming foraged mushrooms into a 5 star dinner. Taught by Alan Bergo from

  • Week 2: Foraging 101

    Basic mushroom information -- How to identify mushrooms-- Where to find wild mushrooms

  • Week 3: Foraging 201

    Common genera foraged -- 20 Must know Wild Mushrooms -- Goals for this foraging season

Fill your table with MUSHROOMS!

Skills you will gain

  • Learn to cook mushrooms like an award winning chef
  • Have 5 new recipes to make your table shine with wild mushrooms
  • Understand how to identify and look up mushrooms in the field 
  • Understand the mushroom life cycle and ecological roles
  • How to take a spore print 
  • Where to look for wild mushrooms
  • Identify 20 of the most common and delicious wild mushrooms
  • Know the common genera for foraging  
  • Have a community that is also interested in foraging, cooking, and sharing their experiences with mushrooms. 


About the Instructor

Alan Bergo is the founder of and James Beard Award Winning Chef. He is based in Minnesota where he spends his time foraging wild plants and mushrooms. He is the host of the show The Wild Harvest, which in 2022 won two Taste Awards and a James Beard. Alam brings a depth and love to his foraging and cooking adventures, to learn more about him visit

About the Instructor

Willie Crosby has been cultivating mushrooms for the last decade. He started growing outdoors on logs, woodchips, and stumps, inoculating 500 logs. He co-founded Fungi Ally which grew mushrooms indoors for 6 years, selling as much as 500 pounds per week. Now Fungi Ally focuses on education and spawn production, supporting both commercial and home growers to grow more mushrooms. Willie has taught over 15 classes online for Cornell University, Umass amherst, and Fungi Ally over the last 4 years. Willie has received 5 SARE grants and 6 other grants over the last 5 years for growing mushrooms and educating the public about mushrooms. Check out a series of published guidebooks on mushroom cultivation written by Willie for free here.

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